Insomnio: Costa Rica


Te Paske has composers a piece about his residence in Costa Rica in Autumn 2017. It is a piece written for flute, piccolo, bassoon, harp, viola and double bass. The piece will be performed by ensemble Insomnio with Ulrich Poehl as the conductor.

This piece premiered on June 3rd, 2018. A live-registration of the preformance can be seen down here:




Keuris Ensemble: Farewell, son. May you have smooth sailing ahead

Te Paske composes a piece for two violins, viola and cello. It was performed by Keuris Ensemble in "Stichting Muziekhuis Utrecht" in February.


Kazou Music Theatre

Te Paske composes music for the performance "Lieverd, kom je slapen". The show premiers at the end of March 2018, inter alia at 'Theater aan de Rijn' in Arnhem, The Netherlands.






Miss World

Te Paske creates an arrangement for a singing performance of Miss World contestant Philisantha van Deuren. The performance is broadcasted to an international audience.



Buma Awards

Te Paske composes a score for a film which is shown to members of Buma/Stemra. It increases his professional status as a composer significantly. 


Buma Cultuur supports and promotes Dutch music copyright in both The Netherlands and key export markets for Dutch music. The aim is to increase the percentage of Dutch music in the Dutch market and foreign markets.Buma Cultuur is founded by the Dutch collecting society Buma. Buma/Stemra is the collection society for music authors in The Netherlands and represents the interests of its members worldwide. Besides collection and payment of remunerations to music authors, Buma/Stemra stimulates and supports the development of new talent.



Retro Formula

Te Paske releases two singles of his forthcoming album, Chinese Dragon and We've Got To Hold On Now. It received great critical reception, and proved to be a massive commercial success.



Retro Formula

Te Paske releases a single and a video-clip, called Open End




Te Paske releases Air. He made this composition on his way to Vienna by plane. 





Retro Formula

A milestone. Te Paske releases his first full length album as Retro Formula: Old-Fashioned Formulas. It is released on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL, Napster, Vuze, Amazon Mp3...