Te Paske started composing in 2014. A year after he was born he started playing the piano while his mother was holding him on her lap. His love for music came to a peak when he got his first tape recorder at three years old. He started learning guitar chords by watching his school teacher in elementary school. He took singing and piano lessons for ten years. In the meanwhile he started drumming.


Because Te Paske didn’t want to make a commitment to just one instrument, he knew he didn’t want to go the Conservatory. When he decided to start composing after he finished an IT education and two studies related to sound, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Then he heard of a study called Music & Technology. He is convinced that this the best way to take his composing skills to the next level. He auditioned, signed and started in 2015. He graduated in 2019 and learns more about composition by means of a Master of Music-programme.

Together with three composers, he co-founded Sinusaur in 2019, where he composes for media. While he specializes in game music at Sinusaur, he specializes in lineair media in his own name.